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Who Am I ?

To start, I am Léa, half-dreamer, half-human and I am working as a Travel Designer in Ecotourism


My vision of life :

My real goal is to live in a healthy, ethic and fair world. Some people will say it is impossible, that I am deluded, believing in pipe dreams. At least, I am optimistic and a deep believer. According to my lifestyle, I like to travel as sustainable as possible. That general idea includes other concepts : responsible travel, fair travel, eco travel, green travel, solidarity travel, ethic travel… They are several ways to travel without following the pattern of usual tourism : the mass tourism.

Since my childhood, I like to understand and learn about  culture and traditions of old and new civilisations : Sumer, Akkad kingdom, Egyptian dynasties, Greek culture, Roman empire, mongol conquests, Mesoamerican history, Prehistoric times etc.

The beauty of each civilisation is to know how they were able to built a society, with a specific social ladder, religion, family composition, knowledge, rituals, mythology… and of course, to understand how and why they disappeared, keeping in mind that nowadays our civilisation and ways of life have roots in the past. Learning how it worked before will allow us to understand how the future could be.


Why This Blog ?

I want to give visibility to sustainable activities, accomodations and transportations. I will promote the website of a sustainable or eco-hotel instead of an OTA’s website like Booking, because OTAs take huge fees from hotels, B&B and guesthouses : directly promoting these accomotions permits them to earn more money and maybe to develop sustainable strategies for the future.

I will always also give you several choices of activities. My goal is not to do favoritism but to offer different sustainable local agencies. Not all of the companies that I will present will be totally sustainable but they should be enough eco-friendly and respectful of the local communities’ well-being.

My purpose is also to promote an accessible sustainable tourism : all of us should be able to travel sustainably, whatever our economic situation, our age or our physical conditions.


A Blog and What ?

I would like to participate at a bigger mission than just writing words online, sharing good thoughts and talking without acting properly.


Who Help Me ?

All the pictures entitled @Photo Léa van Cuyck are from me, the others are from friends or family members. Thanks to them, I am able to illustrate destination that I do not visit yet. 



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