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Blogs & Online Magazines :


Greenloons : is an ecotourism blog.

Eco Traveller Guide : is an ecotourism and responsible travel guide made by Linda.

Soul Travel blogis an practical guide to responsible travel which shows how to travel and create a positive impact.

Epicure & Culture : is an online magazine dedicated to responsible tourism.

Deux évadés (French website) : is an eco responsible travel blog created by Laura & Pierre.

Wonder Trip (French website) : is an eco responsible travelers blog (hikings in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong)

Planet addict (French website) : is a sustainable tourism blog focus on, written by Emma.

Charlie on Travel : is a sustainable and slow travel blog written by two slow travellers.

Green Global Travel : is a platform which want to promote the positive impact responsible travels can have on local communities.

Histoires de tongs (French website) : is a blogabout alternative travels.

Breathe Dream Go : is a site dedicated to travels which have positive impact on local communities and environments.

The Green Geekette : member of Eco Green group, Claire is multi-tasked as blogger and sport coach.

Ecophiles : is an online magazine with a focus on nature, adventure and travel.

Les Globes Blogueurs (French website) : is a travel blog about nature et culture written by Seb & Laura.

The Crowded Planet : focuses on nature and adventure travel.

Uncornered Market : is a blog which wants to create a movement of respectful travelers.

I-Trekkings (French website) : talks about non-motorized outdoor trips : canoe, kayak, hike, ski & trail

One Chaï (French website) : is a blog made by Laurent which talks about travels off the beaten track.

Conscious Travel Guideis an online travel guide for the conscious urban traveller.

Enjolivélo (French website) : is a blog made by two cyclotravelers.

Mi fugue – mi raison (French website) : is a travel blog talking about hiking & bicyling tours.

Entreprendre le monde (French website) : is a blog about bicycling travels & cyclotourism.

Wanderlusters : will give you ideas for Cycling in the Caribbean Island or Hiking in ZN.

Un Voyage pour la Planète (French website) : better consumption, less consumption ! Follow Landry in his « waste collection travel ».

World Else (French website) : Pauline and Benoit are writing about ecology, adventure and food. 

Madame Oreille (French website) : Aurélie is writing about eco-responsibles accomodations around the world, deeply believing in slow travel.


Official Organisations :


ATES (French website) : fair and solidary tourism official information website.

Ethical Traveler : is a nonprofit organization which seeks to use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment.

Impact Travel Alliance : wants to solve issues like poverty and inequality through business and leisure travel.

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) : platform which wants to unit communities by facilitating economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Travel International : wants to improve lives and protecting places through travel and tourism.

National Geographic TravellerNational Geographic Adventure

ClimateCarehelps corporations take full responsibility for their social and environmental impacts and the public sector deliver more efficiency for its spend.



Information Websites :


Echoway : place for sharing and exploring sustainable ways to travel.


Associations :


Human Rights Watch : defends the rights of people worldwide.


Reforestation :

Treecycler : is a fun and simple way to plant trees in reforestation projects around the globe.

Sustainable Afforestation Association (Zimbabwe) : is a non-profit organisation funded by concerned tobacco merchants.

Reforest’Action : is a social responsible company which the aim is to protect the environment and fight against deforestation.

Coeur de Forêt (French website) : is fighting for protecting forest and people who are living in it.

Up2Green Reforestation : is developing communarity projects & schools.

Ishpingo : is a foundation with a sustainable development model based on participative agroforestry.

Planète Urgence : supports projects where local people are socially and economically isolated and where natural environments are being destroyed.

Léa Nature : 1% of their benefits goes to associative projects dedicated to nature and biodiversity.

Conservation International : has been protecting nature empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for global biodiversity and for well-being of humanity.

All4Trees (French website) : promotes reforestation programs.

Insolite Bâtisseur – Philippe Roméro (French website) :is an association which is fighting against climate change and poverty. Nomade Aventure, Allibert Trekking and Uniktour are membres of it.

Aquaverde (French website) : is an non-profit association which the aim is to promote sustainable developement by saving Amazon forest and its host populations.

Pur Project agrofrestry is a way to preserve productive ecosystems and adapt to climate change.

One Tree Planted : supports reforestation projects, choosing best tree species to plant and working with local communities.

Envol vert : protects forests and biodiversity in the planet’s most disadvantaged countries, helping locals to develop new economic alternatives to deforestation.

WeForest : empowers communities to sustainably restore forest landscapes.

Tree Canada : is a registered charity dedicated to planting and nurturing trees.

Interntional Tree Fundation : protects plant and promotes trees in partnership with local communities.

Nordesta Reforestation & Education : preserves tropical forests and to improve the lives of its isolated populations.

Agrupacion Medio Ambiental : helps with the conservation of natural resources and cultures within the area of Torres del Paine, Magallanes, Chile.


Community :

Zero Deforestation (Ecuador, Pery) : is a solidarity initiative for land restitution to Native people. 

Survival : movement for indigenous people

Human Trip : works for giving a global children education and provides essentials products to their family.

Entropika : « aims to contribute to the long-term conservation of tropical biodiversity by facilitating local community-led projects, establishing programmes of education, animal welfare, waste management and research ».

Ecudador Eco Volunteer : is the direct link between the local communities, local projects and international volunteers interested in genuine volunteer work.

Arutam Fundation : supports primary health care systems in the Amazonian rainforest for various Indian tribes, in collaboration with NGOs.


Animals :

Monkey Park Fundation (Costa Rica) : hopes to positively impact its environment by providing educational opportunities for visitors.

Wildlife & environmental Protection / EVI : is a french non-profit organization working for the protection of the animal species and the environment in the world.

The Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi : is an environmental movement denouncing the illegal trade of wild animal species. 

Jaguar Rescue Fundation (Americas) is the : home for ill, injured and orphaned animals. 

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center (Costa Rica) : is dedicated to protect and help endangered Costa Rican wildlif. 

Merazonia (Ecuador) : is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Equilibrio Azul (Ecuador) : conserve Ecuador’s ecosystems and marine resources.

Esperanza Verde (Peru) : works for wildlife rescue and rainforest protection with the local community, offering alternative sources of income.


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