Burma / Myanmar – Pagodas in the Forest


Local name of the countryဗမာ Burma / မြန်မာ Myanmâ


Languages : Burmese, Pali


For more information :

Go Myanmar

Myanmar Travel

Mekong Responsible Tourism



Trekking Myanmar : Kalaw and Pindaya, Kayah State, Kyaing Tong Hiking, Lashio Tours

Myanmar Trekking : Putao, Chin Hills, Pindaya

Myanmar Discovery : Kalaw, Kengtung, Hsipaw, Pindaya

Biking : go visit Old Bagan and its 2000 temples by bike

GrassHopper Adventures : Bagan to Salay, Mountains and Lake Bike Adventure, Cycle Mandalay to Bagan

Bagan Day Tours : Bagan Electric Bike Tour, Bagan Temple Biking Tour, Bagan Half Day Sighseeing Tour, Bagan Sightseeing Biking Tour, Bagan Horse Riding Tour, Mount Victoria Trekking, Balloons Over Bagan Tour

Myanmar Adventure Outfitters : is a social enterprise, and their focus is to invest profits back into the communities we interact with. Standup Paddle Boarding, Waterfall Explorations,Hiking / Trekking, Mountain Biking


Places to stay :

Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali Beach : is using grey Water management, garbage separation, marine protection, mangrove forest growing, lowest CO2 footprint, no beach walls, 95 % built with second hand – used hard wood, use of local grown food products, no endangered species on menu, freshwater by gravity for saving fresh water. Only seasonal swimming sustainably.


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Some words to learn :

Gyo so bar deh – Welcome

Mingalarbar- Good morning / Good evening

Jay zu pyu jouer – Excuse me / Please

Ngar nam mae ka … phit par deh – My name is …

Hoe tale – Yes

Ma hoe bou – No

Jay zu tin bar deh – Thank you so much

Tat tar – Goodbye

Tit – One

Nit – Two

Thone – Three

Setbie – Bike

Hawtal – Hotel



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