Colombia – Orchid & Emerald


Local name of the country : Colombia (name from Christopher Colombus)


Languages : Spanish


For more information :

Official Gateway to Columbia 



Hiking : Los Nevados National Park, The Cocora Valley, Caño Cristales, Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City Trek), Fin del Mundo Trek, Chingaza National Park, Chicamocha Canyon Ridge,  Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, The Mavecure Hills, La Ruta Mutis, Caminata La Chorrera (La Chorrera Waterfall)

Expotur : is a local tour operator dedicated to provide meaningful travel experiences in natural areas of the city of Santa Marta and the Colombian Caribbean region. They work closely with indigenous and rural communities through sustainable community tourism, generating decent and well paid, respecting the environment and customs of the locals. Lost City Trek !

The Colombian Way : Hiking & Trekking

Andean’nTrail : Tours, Culture, Adventure, Trekking, Climbing, Mountain Biking. South America Travel Specialist.

Project Cordillera : Peaks & Pueblos, Les Nevados Trek

Tierra Latina : is a tour operator specialiste of South America. They offer a true immersion in touch with the local population. 


Places to stay :

Mundo Nuevo : is a biological farm and an hostel dedicated to sustainability which aims at energy independence with permaculture projects, reforestation and beekeeping. 

Chocó (Village World Label) : El Almejal Ecolodge & Rainforest Reserve

 Andes (Village World Label) : Granja Vidar Farm, Panorama Café Hostel, El Horizonte Farm 

Caribbean coast (Village World Label) : Taironaka Ecolodge, La Sirena Eco Hotel 


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Some words to learn :

Holà / Buenas / Buenos dias – Hello / Good morning

Buenas tardes – Good evening

Lo siento – Excuse me

Me llama … – My name is …

Hablas Ingles ? – Do you speak English ?

Si – Yes

No – No

Gracias – Thank you

Buenas noches – Good night

Adios / Que te vaya a bien – Goodbye

Uno – One

Dos – Two

Tres – Three

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