Finland – Other Scandinavia


Local name of the countrySuomi


Languages : Finnish, Swedish, Sames


For more information :

Official Gateway to Finland

Official Gateway to Rovaniemi

Official Gateway to Aland Islands


Activities :

Hiking : Hikes’n’Trails

Hiking & Trekking in Parc National Urho Kaleva Kekkonen (Lapland), around the Suomujoki Lake and until the Ukselmapää Mount.

Biking with a local company named Västerdgard in the Turku Archipelago

With Kids : you can visit the Haltiala’s Farm and Fallkulla’s Animal Farms, close to Helsinki and to the bio Heritage Farm in Tervamäki.


Places to stay :

Accomodations with Green Start List.

B&B and Organic Farming Lahdelma, situated in Southern Savo.


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Gallery :


Some words to learn

Hyvää huomenta / Hei – Good morning / Hi

Hyvää iltaa – Good evening

Anteeksi … – Excuse me… 

Minun nimeni on … – My name is …

Puhutteko te Englantia ? – Do you speak English ?

Kyllä – Yes

Ei – No

Kiitos – Thank you

Hyvää yötä – Good night

Näkemiin – Goodbye

Yksi – One

Kaksi – Two

Kolme – Three



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