Germany – Mosaic of States



Local name of the country : Deutschland


Languages : German


For more information :

Official Gateway to Germany



Water adventures in Bavaria

Kayak Trail with Outdooractive in Bavaria

Hiking Along the Danube : DonauWelle Trail

Biking : Danube Cycle Path (3,400 mile cycle path from the Danube Spring in Donaueshingen Germany to the Black Sea), Ulm Cycle Path, the Rhine River Gorge (UNESCO World Heritage Site)


Places to stay :

Bio Hotel in Germany


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Gallery :


Some words to learn

Hallo – Hi

Guten Morgen – Good morning

Guten Abend – Good evening

Entschuldigung – Excuse me

Ich heiße … – My name is …

Sprechen Sie Englisch ? – Do you speak English ?

Ja – Yes

Nein – No

Danke – Thank you

Gute Nacht – Good night

Tschüss – Bye

Auf Wiedersehen – Goodbye

Eins – One

Zwei – Two

Drei – Three

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