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I went in Greece in 2017 during the spring. I stayed there during one month, three weeks in Athens and Kifissia and the last week in Santorin and Naxos, Cyclades Islands. I totally felt welcome and great from my arrival to my departure. 3 hours and half from Paris, Athens is close to other europeans countries. I stayed in Vassilis’s relatives’ home, a Greek guy that I sent a request through Couchsurfing website when I was looking for a room for all my internship period. I lived with all his family : his father Spirros, his mother Drossoula and his kids Kimona and Spirros Jr and I spend great moments with them. They are a nice local familly, living in Piraeus, 15min from Athens.




Even if I did not understand Greek at my arrival, I learned very fast how to read Greek to recognize places and stops in transportations, a real pleasure to discover the culture and the history through their own language.


During three weeks I helped Annie, the Greek owner of NoFootPrint which is offering eco-walks in Greece and on the Cyclades.










I used to translated offers in French to contact French tour operators asking for partnerships. And then, for the last week, I went on Santorini (Thera) and Naxos to do an 6 days hikking/trekking trip in the Small Cyclades with 4 customers : an american couple and two malaysian girls.


We climbed Profitis Ilias, we walked on the Red Beach, we visited Akrotiri ruins (probably the Atlantis city !) on Thera and we do other trekkings day trips in Naxos in Zas Mount.








Do not miss the Naxos Castle, Portara, Apiranthos village and the so green olive fiels !

Advice : you should go in Hydra ! Really nice island close to the Peloponnese coast, 1 hour and half from Piraeus by boat. Cars are forbidden there : only donkeys are allowed in the island. Turquoise waters and mediterranean atmosphere for sure !





About my stay in Greece, I always try to eat local (dolmas, tzatziki, souvlaki, pita bread), in local restaurants and to be hosted by the host population or in local hostel-run. Unfortunately I was not able to travel without producing Co2 because of the ferries : to join Cyclades, you have to take boats or little planes…


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