Greece & Islands – Blue Waters




Local name of the countryΕλλάδα


Languages : Greek


For more information :

Official Gateway to Greece

Hidden Trails in Greece

My Crete Guide

Hiking Project


Activities :

Kayaking : Sea Kayak Milos, A Greek Adventure, Sea Kayak Paros, Canoe&Kayak, Grassroute Adventures, Acheron Kayak, Shakayak, Aegean Escapes (Skopelos), Sea Kayaking Kefalonia, Kayaking Greece (Skopelos)

Hiking : Paths of Greece, Travel Greece Travel Europe, Mysterious Greece, Greece Travel, Greek Adventure

Trekking : Trekking Hellas

XtremeWay : Canyoning, Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Climbing, Sailing, Rafting

Petassos Travel : self-guided tours in Crete


Places to stay :

Eleonas Cottages

Sani Resort

Coco Mat (Serifos)

Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse


Gastronomy :

Ouzo, turkish alcohol.

Cold coffee


Cultural characteristics :

Do not do the number 5 with your fingers, this sign means the « moutza », a curse.

Do not put your tumb up for hitchhiking, it’s a sexual gesture. 




Some words to learn :

Yassou / Yassas – Hi (one person) / Hi (two people)

Kalimera – Good morning

Kalispera – Good evening

Signomi – Excuse me

Mé léné…- My name is …

Né – Yes

Ochi – No

Parakalo – Please

Efcharisto – Thank you

Kalinikhta – Good night

Athîo- Goodbye

E – One

Dío – Two

Tría – Three




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