Greenland – Inuits & Vikings


Local name of the country : Kalaallit Nunaat


Languages : Kalaallisut, Danish, English and 2 others Inuit languages (Avanersuarmiutut , Tunumiutut)


For more information :


Greenland Travel

Guide to Greenland

Guide Cicerone – Trekking in Greenland


Activities : 

Ice Hiking : north of Kuummuit (1500m) in Tasiilaq Fjord, north of Ammassalik (Karale & Rasmussen glacier, icebergs) 3h away by boat from Tasiilaq (Karale Fjord), Kuummiut (inside the Ammassalik Fjord, daily hiking from Tunup Kua village), Tiniteqilaaq (isthm between Sermilik & Ikaasatsivaq Fjord, stunning view on the inlandsis)

Greenland Adventures : Hiking & Trekking Tours, Kayaking Tours, Skiing Tours, Dog Sledding Tours

Greenland Tours : Dogs Sledding, Northern Lights, Sailing, Kayaking, Trekking, Skiing

Spirit of the West Adventures : aims to be a leader in responsible and sustainable tourism and business practices. There are many ways that we minimize our impact, green our operations and contribute to the communities we live and work in.

Sea Kayaking : Tasermiut Greenland

Dog Seldding to join Tasiilaq in winter


Place to stay :



Gastronomy :

Mattaq : skin and fat from beluga


Cultural characteristics :

You will find dry toilets, do not be surprised.


Some words to learn :

Tikilluarit – Welcome

Kutaa – Good morning / Good evening

Undskyld – Sorry (Danish)

Utoqqatserpunga – Excuse me

… imik ateqarpunga – My name is …

Taler du engelsk – Do you speak English ? (Danish)

Aap – Yes

Naamik– No

Ikinngutinnersumik – Please

Qujan – Thank you

Tak – Thank you (Danish)

Inuulluarit – Goodbye

Aluu – Have a good day

Ataaseq – One

Marluk – Two

Pingasut – Three

Aallat – Boat

Biili- Car

Sikkili – Bike

Illusisarfik – Hotel

Mamak – It is delicious

Imeq – Water

Nanok – Bear

Tuttu – Caribou


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