Iceland – Land of Ice & Fire



Local name of the country :  Ísland (which means Ice Land)


Local language : Icelandic


For more information

Official Gateway to Iceland

Visit North Iceland

Visit South Iceland

Inspired by Iceland

Meet Reykjavik

Iceland Meteo

Iceland Magazine


Public Transport :

Public Transport in Iceland

East Iceland Bys System

Strætó – Public Transport in Reykjavík 


Activities :

Trekking : Trek Iceland, an agencie which received the Vakinn Bronze Class Environmental Certificate an official recognition of our high standards concerning sustainability, the environment and social responsibility, Iceland Like a Local, which is a Partner with Bynativ, the local travel agencies community.

Hiking : Hey Iceland, Midgard Adventure a local agency certified by VAKINN, Borea Adventures, Icelandic Moutain Guides

Horse Riding : Hraunhestar a small family-run company, Hey Iceland a responsible local agency.

Biking : Hey Iceland, Midgard Adventure

Kayaking : Borea Adventures runs by Icelanders and offering local guides, in full harmony with nature, Artic Adventures a travel company focuses on ecotourisme, Icelandic Mountain Guides, certified by VAKINN.

Rafting : Viking Rafting cares about the fragile environment of this island. They promote eco-tourism and environmental values.

Skiing : Borea Adventures

Scuba diving and Snorkeking tours : Dive Silfra is certified by VAKINN, the official quality and environmental system in Iceland.

Glacier Tours : Icelandic Mountain Guides, Midgard Adventure, Nordic Green Travel

Ice Cave Tours : Artic Adventures

Volcano Tours : Volcano Tours a family company, Artic Adventures

Caving & Volcanoe : Hey Iceland

Bird Watching : Nordic Green Travel

Northern Light Tours : Icelandic Mountain Guides, Nordic Green Travel


Places to stay :

Ecotourist Iceland : a non profit organization which promotes eco friendly tourism in Iceland and offers a list of eco-friendly accomodations.

Iceland Eco Hotel ION : eco-friendly hotel.

Hotel Eld Hestar : receives the Nordic Swan certification which ensures the highest standards in terms of quality, environment and health.

Hotel Fljotshlio : receives the Nordic Ecolabel.




Cultural characteristics


Gallery :


Some words to learn

Halló / Bless – Hello / Hi

Góðan daginn – Good morning 

Gott kvöld – Good evening

Fyrirgefðu… – Excuse me… 

Ég heiti … – My name is …

Talar þú ensku ? – Do you speak English ?

Já – Yes

Nei – No

Takk – Thank you

Góða nótt – Good night

Vertu blessaður – Goodbye 

Einn – One

Tveir – Two

Þrír – Three



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