Indonesia – Shiva & Bouddha


Local name of the countryIndonesia


Languages : Indonesian, Malay


For more information :

Indonesia Travel



Hiking : Padar Island (Komodo National Park), Mount Bromo (Java), Multi-coloured Lakes / Mount Kelimutu or Wae Rebo Village (Flores), Sipiso-Piso Waterfall (North Sumatra), Mount Batur (Bali), Mount Rinjani (Lombok), Baliem Valley (West Papua)

Sumatra : Mentawai the « Flower Men » in Siberut Island. Ferry access from Bukittinggi,  canoe trip and trekking in the jungle until the mentawaï bamboo collective houses on stilts. Local guides.


Places to stay :

Soori Bali : has become the first resort in Indonesia to get the Green Globe for Environmentally Sustainable Design.

Misool Eco Resort ‘Environment Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2017″  is in the Batbitim island, inside a Protected marine Reserve. The Resort was built with dead wood collected on the surrounding islands, none trees was cutted for it. Bungalows’ walls are made with coconut fibers, waste water is filtred and re-uses, waste is recycled, hygiene products are natural. The Resort has 8 bungalows on stilts with a lagoon view and 11 villas hidden in all the island. Each booking will permit to give 50 dollars to the Misool fundation. 


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Some words to learn

Selamat Pagui / Pagui  – Good morning

Selamat Sian / Sian – Hello at noon

Selamat Soreye / Soreye – Hello after 2pm

Selamat Malam / Malam – Good evening

Nama saya … – My name is …

Do you speak English ?

Yeah – Yes

Tidah – No

Terimah Kasi  – Please

Terimah Kasi bagnak -Thank you so much

Selamat Tidour  – Good night

Satou – One

Dua – Two

Tiga – Three

Pantai – Beach

Pulau – Island

Samudra – Ocean


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