Ireland – Eire


Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) & Eire


Languages : English, Irish


For more information :

Official Gateway to Ireland

EcoTourism Ireland

Green Travel


Activities : 

Vagabond Tour Company : a sustainable and respectful tour operator which was the first to achieve Ecotourism Gold Level Certification.

Hiking & Biking : The Mourne Moutains (10.9 miles), WalkNi walking in Northern Ireland, Wilderness Ireland, a company which is supporting nature conservation, local communities and economies, Ireland Walk Ride Bike an eco-friendly company. Cycle Tours Ireland

Absolute Escapes : company which working on reducing their Environmental Impact and offering walking holidays in the UK

If you want to watch wild animals, we have different companies which were certified by Irish Responsible Tourism Awards :

Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre & Nature Reserve : offers to educational tours in a wildlife reserve where we can Watch birds and local fauna.

Atlantic Sea Kayaking : offers to tourists sea kayaking tours.

Seaweed Baths : Soak, SOAKs policy is to cut the plant leaving around 25% of the plant intact and NEVER removing the holdfast. Once the seaweed harvested for SOAK Seaweed Baths has been used in the seaweed bath, is then passed on to a local farmer who uses it as fertiliser. 


Places to stay :

Croan Cottages : an eco-friendly accomodation.

Orcad Acre Farm : is the winner of Green Awards 2016

Crann Og Eco Farm (County Galway) : Eco Holidays, Education & Wellness, Self Catering in Cabins, Yurts & Bell Tents Gold Certified Ecotourism Operator

Gregans Castle Hotel : is respecting an environmental Policy as Leave No Trace.

The Dolphin Hotel : certified by EcoTourism Ireland (Gold Level)

Leen Organics (County Clare) : family-run hotel which try to minimise its impact on the natural world.

Ard Nahoo : Eco Cabins & Retrat Yoga School, Irish Responsible Tourism Award 2015 & Green Awards 2015

Fuchsia Lane Farm : was awarded a Gold Medal in the Irish Responsible Tourism Awards (pets allowed)

Cloughjordan Ecovillage : is a registered educational charity and an internationally recognised destination for learning about sustainable living.

Tir Na Fiuise Terryglass (North Tipperary) : rural place committed to environmental conservation, everything is recycled at the farm.


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :

Orange color is associated to protestants and green to catholics.


Gallery :


Some words to learn (Irish) :

Dia duit « djia ditch » – Good morning

Fáilte « faultcha » – Welcome

Slán agat « slone agueute » – Goodbye

Le do thoil « yeu djau houill » – Please

Go raibh maith agat « go rêve ma agueute » – Thank you

Gabh mo leithscéal « gâ mâ lèche skéél » – Sorry

Tá « teu » – Yes

Ní « ni » – No

Óstán – Hotel

Bialann – Restaurant

Óige brú – Youth Hostel

Ní Chatháin – Coffee

Tacsaí – Taxi

Idirlíon – Internet

Bóthar – Road

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