Kyrgyzstan – With the Falcons


Local name of the country : Кыргызстан (Kyrgyzstan)


Languages : Russian, Kyrgyz


For more information :

Hospitality Kyrgyzstan


Activities :

Hiking/Trekking : Syrthe Arabel high mountain valley, Karakul Lake, Bulong Kul Lake, Ala Kul lake, Kongur Shan summit (7719 m), Kichik Alay Mountain region, Mustagh Ata (7546 m), Konorchek canyon, Subash (goats, yack and nak herds) 

Eco Trek : is specialized in ecotourism, trekking and horse-riding

I’m Nomad : trekking, horse riding, bike tours and cognitive-cultural tours along the Silk Road

Novinomad : is specialized in eco-tourism, trekking and horse-riding.

Nomad’s Land : Cultural Tours (from Almaty to Karakol, from Kyzyl Art pass to Bishkek, from Osh to Murgab), Trekkings Expeditions & Horse Riding, Horseback Riding, Cycling & Winter Sports

TrekPro Kyrgyzstan : Guided Trekking tours in Kyrgyz Tien Shan & Pamir Mountains

Silk Road Explore : Terskey Ala-Too, Kungei Ala-Too, Kyrgyz Ridge, Turkestan, Fergana Ranges Trekkings

Kyrgyzstan Nomad Trekking : Trekking+Horse Riding, Yak & Camel Riding, City Tours in Osh and Özgön, Trekking+Mountaneering

Ak-Sai Travel : Exciting tours along Great Silk Road, Mountaineering, Trekking, Horse back riding tours, Mountain biking tours, Botanical tours

Visit Alay : is a tourism development project in Alay and Chong Alay regions. This local tour agency goal is to help the region to become tourist destination.


Places to stay :

Bel Zhan Ecoland – Yurt Lodge : Food processing, renewable energy, waste management and development of an infrastructure for sustainable tourism are priorities in this strategy, adopted by local administrations and approved by local councils of the three villages in the Chon-Aksu watershed (Temir, Kashaat and Sadyr-Aka or Grigorevka). Stichting Ecoland Issyk Kul was founded in 2011 with the intention to implement parts of this sustainable development strategy in the village of Grigorevka. The Bel-Zhan yurt lodge is one of initiatives of Ecoland Issyk-Kul. 

Center Region (Village World Label) : Bakyts Yurt Camp

South Region (Village World Label) : Eagüls-guesthouse, Shamurat’s Guesthouse, Tuyuk Yurt Camp, Tulpar Kol Yurt Camp, Tilek Guesthouse

Bishkek (Village World Label) : Blue Camel Guesthouse

Jalalabad (Village World Label) : CBT Arslanbob

Issyk Kul (Village World Label) : Aitoo’s Home

Naryn (Village World Label) : Roza & Ischen’s Yurt Camp


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Some words to learn (Russian) :

здра́вствуйте (zdrástvuytye) / приве́т (privyét) – Good morning / Hi

извини́те (izvinítye) – Excuse me

да (da) – Yes

нет (nyet) – No

пожа́луйста (pazhálusta) – Please

спаси́бо (spasíba) – Thank you

до свида́ния (da svidániya) – Goodbye


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