Madagascar – The Giant Baobabs



Local name of the countryMadagasikara (Malagasy)


Languages : Malagasy, French


For more information :

Madagascar Tourism

Travel Madagascar



Hiking : Marojejy National Park, The Masoala Peninsula, Ankarana national park, Bemaraha national park, Andringitra Mountains, Isalo mountains

Hiking / Trekking : Malagasy Tours a local agency based in Antananarivo, Lemurtours, Ramartour, Nosyanka

Diving / Snorkeling : Ramartour, Nosyanka

Kayaking : Madagascar Island Safaris


Places to stay :

Nosyanka : bungalow on the tree is built on a tree according to scrupulous eco-sustainability criteria, conceived as an eco-lodge’s dependence, is located in its proximity, on a forest tree overlooking the sea completely enclosed by the fronds

Eden Lodge : is a luxury eco-lodge, selected by ADEME as a pilot project for eco-tourism in Madagascar. Far from spectacular and publicized environmental measures, everything was originally conceived in an eco-friendly perspective with the local population in mind. 1 visitor = 1 planted tree !

Tsara Komba Lodge : they work based on detailed procedures in order to maintain best practices such as recycling (with schemes in place to recycle metal, plastics and packaging as well as household waste) and the use of environmentally friendly materials (such as commercially grown wood and local plants, etc).


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


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Some words to learn

Manao ahoana- Good morning / Good evening

Manao azafady … – Excuse me

… no anarako – My name is …

Miteny Anglisy ve ianao?- Do you speak English ?

Eny – Yes

Tsia – No

Misaotra – Thank you

Tafandria mandry- Good night

Veloma tompoko- Goodbye

Veloma – Bye

Iray – One

Roa – Two

Telo – Three


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