Mount Everest : the Highest Trash Peak of the world !

Mount Everest… its beauty is threatened by tonnes of trash !

After several decades of shipments at the top of the Himalayan moutain chain between Nepal and China, Everest became the « Peak Poop« . A team from India and Nepal helped to clear the mount less than two months and succeed to remove almost 9,000 pounds of trash… 

Climbers along the way used to left broken equipment (boots, ice peak, ropes, oxygen canisters etc), the accumulaton of human waste and excrement in areas where people are waiting for week to acclimatize to the high altitude. It takes many years to disintegrate because of the cold climate. When some of them die, they just stay there, waiting forever as modern mummies, frozen, they are also kept by the extreme cold atmosphere. 

It is a really big problem because that kind of human pollution reached a critical level and could soon spread diseases to local populations, animals and futures travellers in love with the highest tops of our planet. If you plan to climb Mount Everest, be careful to travel as light as possible and to do clear areas after your stops.

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