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Amsterdam – Vondelpark



I went in Netherlands in 2016 and 2017 : first time for a city-trip in Maastricht that I recommand and the second time for another one-month internship. I stayed so four weeks in Amsterdam : I found a Couchsurfer with travel plans who let me rent his room. I worked with the Amsterdam Rental Black Bikes entreprise and most of the time I used to ride a bike between the thirteen different shops in the city.














I really enjoy in the way the beauty of the canals, specially during the Light Festival !! Known as the Venise from the North with all its canals Amsterdam is a little pearl.






The bike, is like a second skin in Netherlands. Everybody is using bikes : hand-brake bikes, pedal-brake bike, Cargo bike, electric bike etc… It is the green way of life in Netherlands.

I recommand to ride a bike or to take a walk in the Vondelpark (amazing wathever the season : in winter you have ice cristallizing trees and in summer you have charming green plants everywhere), Oosterpark is also good.







Little Advice : Go to visit Utrecht and its Dome , a big tower near the cathedral. From the summit, you will see the arounds of the town. The canals are also really beautiful and charming : you will see « under-houses » : their entrance is at the water canal level, built below the alleys.

The cathedral and the main streets of Nijmegen are also pretty, and the little town of Cuijk is quite « dutchy » with its windmills : one of them is named by one of my ancestor Jan I van Cuijk ! 



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