New Caledonia – Kanak Culture


Local name of the country : Nouvelle Calédonie


Languages : French


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Activities :

Hiking : the GR®1, Mont Panié (1629 m), Mt Dore, NC1 trek, Shabadran Terraces


Places to stay :


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :

Kanak people are walking with machetes, do not worry about it.

You have to say hello to everyone verbally and with your hand if you want to be polite.


Gallery :


Some words to learn : 

Bonjour – Hello, Good morning

Bonsoir – Good evening

Excusez-moi – Excuse me

Je m’appelle … – My name is …

Parlez-vous anglais ? – Do you speak English ?

Oui – Yes

Non – No

Merci – Thank you

Bonne nuit – Good night

Au revoir – Goodbye

Un – One

Deux – Two

Trois – Three

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