Norway – The Vikings Kingdom


Local name of the country : Norge (in Bokmål) – Noreg (in Nynorsk)


Languages : Bokmål, Nynorsk


For more information :

Official Gateway to Norway


Activities :

Skiing in Trysil, visiting a traditionnal village in Røros (UNESCO), enjoying Vega Islands (UNESCO), to see an original Church in Lærdal (UNESCO), wildlife animals in Femund Engerdal, ice in the Svalbard (Spitzberg) or to admire the fjord of Lyngen, you will find your perfect place.

Guided Horse Riding Tour, in Lillehammer with Dalseter Stable or with Tryggvi Islandshestegård in Sandnes.

Walking in Aulestad in Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons’ home, Eco-Lighthouse certified or in the Botanic Garden of Stavanger.

Biking and Walking in Hafjell Bike Park.

Walking and Biking in Inderøy, Sustainable Destination certified by Innovation Norway : put your shoes and go explore the Vangshylla route. You also will find a brewery named Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri and farm cheese dairy named Gangstad Gårdsysteri, both working in a sustainable way

 Surfing in Klepp with Surf Safari or Kayaking with Fjordexpedition in Strand.


Places to stay :

Lillehammer Hostel Stasjonen in Stasjonen, follows environmental commitments, HI Quality Hoster certified.

Great Grandfathers Guset House in Inderøy, guest house eco-certified.

Clarion Hotel in Stavanger


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Gallery :


Some words to learn :

Goddag « Goudag » – Good morning

God morgen « Gou morgen » – Good morning

God kveld « Gou kvel » – Good evening

Unnskyld « Oun’chuld » – Excuse me

Jeg heter … « Iaï éter » – My name is …

Snakker du Engelsk ? – Do you speak English ?

Ja « Ia » – Yes

Nei « Nèï » – No

Takk – Thank you

Vær så snill « Vèr sô snil » – Please

God natt! « Gou natt » – Good night

Ha det bra « Ha de bra » – Goodbye

En – One

To – Two

Tre – Three

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