Portugal – In the Azulejos Ocean



Local name of the country : República Portuguesa


Languages : Portuguese


For more information :

Official Gateway to Portugal



Nattule : Find and book ecotourism and sustainable tourism activities in natural spaces in Spain

Hiking : Walk Hike Portugal

EcoTours Portugal : is a eco-friendly, socially responsible and economically conscious company.


Places to stay :

Biovilla is a project of agro-tourism and inserted in Arrábida Natural Park intends to develop a tourist activity that contributes to the economic, cultural and environmental elements of the region


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Gallery :


Some words to learn : 

Olá – Hi

Bom dia / Boa tarde – Good morning

Boa noite – Good evening / Good night

Desculpe – Excuse me

Eu chamo-me… – My name is … 

Fala Inglês ? – Do you speak English ?

Sim – Yes

Não – No

Obrigado / Obrigada – Thank you

Tchau – Bye

Adeus – Goodbye

Um – One

Dois – Two

Três – Three

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