Responsible & Fair Agencies


With which agency you should to travel :


Sustainable, Eco-Friendly & Responsible Agencies :

Amerik Aventure : guided travels and auto-tours focused on natural environments and discovering local cultures.

Adventures Alternatives : a responsible adventure & trekking travel company.

Alkemia : eco-friendly guided travels and auto-tours in Iceland (skiing, horse-riding, photography journeys, kayaking, sailing…)

Babel Voyages : association which promotes responsible travel around the world.

Blue Sky Wildlife : offering wildlife tours and responsible ecotourism holidays.

Chamina Voyages : responsible guided hiking tours in the nature.

Cybelle Planète : ecovolunteerings and internships.

Ecotourisme Pour Tous : is part of VVE branch and promotes eco responsible travels (Handicap Quality Charter).

EcoVoyageurs :

Essential Botswana : ecotours in Botswana.

Génération Voyageurs : is an association which promotes responsible developement and offers ectours.

Geographic Expeditions : responsibles travels around the globe.

La Mochila : sustainable tours.

Languedoc Nature : is a French eco-friendly travel agency.

Le Vélo Voyageur : offers to travel with bicycle in the middle of the nature.

Narwell Écotours : offers eco-friendly tours in Ecuador.

Neorizons Travel : is an eco-responsible tailor-made agency.

Nosy – Explore Natural Islands : offers tours respectful of the environment and specialist of isles’ destinations.

Paseo Tours : eco-friendly agency in Mexico.

Passion Terre : sustainable travel agency offering guided tours. 

Planète Découverte : is an travel agency which respects local populations and cultures, promoting responsible and sustainable tours.

Rainforest Expeditions – Peru Natura : is an ecotourism company in Peru with the will to protect nature and local species and to work with the local aboriginal community.

Richshaw Travel : an eco-friendly travel company which offers meeting local people, doing some trek or bike in South East Asia.

saSafari : offers ecotours in South Africa.

Skippair : promotes eco-sailing trips.

Taila Root : offers responsible tours.

Terra Incognita Ecotours : is a travel agency focused on sustainable tours in Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Madagascar and Amazonia.

Terre Voyages : offers tours respecting envirnoment in Madagascar, Myanmar, Mongolia, Brazil etc.

Touring Nature : offers five eco-travelling roads in Europe.

Un Monde Autrement : responsible travel craftmen network. 

Ventura TRAVEL : responsibles agencies group.

VVE Ecotourisme : responsible agencies and tour operators group, part of V.V.E.

Wild Frontiers Travel : authentic experiences and was awarded the prestigious 5-star Responsible Travel status by AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators)


Trekking, Hiking & Travelling with Animals :

Allibert Trekking : trekking expeditions around the world, from the Alps to deserts.

Aluna Voyages : hiking, VTT tours, skiing, biking, canoeing and horse-riding tours.

Atalante : part of the ATR branch, they offer trekking experiences, respecting local traditions and environment.

Cheval en Pyrénées : eco-journeys with horses.

Grand Angle : hiking, biking and trekking tours. 

Huwans Club Aventure : offers small-group walking, kayaking or bicycling holidays with transports respecting the environement and local populations.

Nomade Aventure : offers trekking, horse & donkey riding, canoë-kayaking, walking & bicycling adventures. They have unusual accommodations as yurts in Kyrgyzstan or kotas in Lapland.

Rando Cheval : horse-riding journeys specialist.

RandoPays : hiking in moutains, using slow transportation.

Sud Randos : offers VTT, walking holidays, donkey riding and trekking trips in Canary Islands, Cap Vert, Iceland, Crete, Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, Madeira, Malta, Nepal & Switzerlan

Terre d’Aventure : hiking and trekking tours around the world with experts.

Tirawa : Asia and South America trekking specialist.

Trekors : hike tours in Corse (France).

Vélorizons : is a travel agency which offers bike tours in France and everywhere.


Nature & Responsible Travels :

66° Nord : North travels specialist, offering eco-accomodations.

Amarok – L’Esprit Nature : travelling in the middle of nature.

Excursia : naturalist travels.

Grands Espaces : North journeys and discovery of nature.

Nature & Terroir : naturalist travels and ecotourism.

Objectif Nature : naturalist journeys specialist, offering tours around the world.

Terra Incognita Ecotours : offers discovery of nature and local populations, star-watching and volcano tours.

Terres Oubliées : naturalist travels and hiking.


Fair & Solidary Travels :

Alter Voyages : is a travel agency working for fair tourism. They work with different partnerships as the association « Frontière de vie » in Ecuador (Kichwa & Sarayaku communities are fighting for their lands against oil operators) and the Eco-Benin NGO in Africa (carbon offsetting projects).

Arvel Voyage : solidarity travels.

Ciel Mongol : local-run agency in Mongolia, specialist of stays with locals.

Croq’Nature : solidarity hikings in Sahara, Atlas, Maghreb etc.

Culture Contact : fair tourism in the Andes, South America.

Double Sens : solidarity travel agency, which reverses fair remuneration to host populations. They offer small-group holidays to enjoy the exchanges with locals.

EMC Voyages : is an travel agency member of the ATES, an association working for fair and solidarity tourism. They have responsible holidays in Asia, Africa & Europe. is an travel agency member of the ATES, an association working for fair and solidarity tourism.

Geodyssey : supports local economies wherever possible, by staying at locally owned and run hotels and guesthouses, and employing local guides. They work with local hoteliers, guest house keepers and drivers who are actively engaged in conservation.

Human Trip : is an fair and responsible travel agencywhich is working with local associations and traditional accommodations. The Human Trip Association helps each year local projects as Ecole Tetsijtsilin (Mexico), Speedtrust in India and Village of Tengrela in Burkina Faso.

Intrepid Travel : is a small group travel only focusing on carbon neutral tour companies which are employing local guides and also local accommodation owners, promessing big adventures. It is the first company to ban elephant ride.

Tierra Latina : is an agency deeply believing in sharing culture with local people. They are specialist of South America.

Transhumans : voyageurs responsables est une agence réceptive franco argentine, solidaire

Vision du Monde : offers hiking stays with donkey, dromadory or by foot.

Vision Éthique : French travel agency

Voyages Humania : they offer sustainable tours an controle their carbon emissions, try to always use public transport and support locals communities.

Yumanlink : permits to meet and share experience with agriculture worlds.



Saïga : part of Secret Planet, Saïga will offer you to participate to NGO projects to preserve nature.

Sumak Travel : is a tour operator and social enterprise which works closely with community organisations and networks in Latin America.

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