Alternative Tourisms



The meaning of Sustainable Tourism is very close to the concept of Responsible Tourism. However, the word « sustainability » is often overused and not fully understood.

This is the reason why the term « Responsible tourism » has been sometimes replaced by the industries to facilitate the comprehension of the global sustainable concept. Any responsible way of traveling, acting or thinking can be considered as « responsible tourism ».


Ecotourism and Green Tourism are both part of sustainable tourism but they only include the environmental aspect.


On the other hand, Rural Tourism can be a variation of ecotourism, but it only focuses on actively doing tourism in rural landscapes.


Fair Trade Tourism runs a membership programme for those businesses that are keen to embark on the path towards best-practice sustainability projects.


Solidarity Tourism helps hosting population by building locals projects in collaboration with NGOs and tour-operators.



Voluntourism or Eco-voluntourism is a form of travel where volunteers work on projects for the local communities.


Outdoor Tourism is focused on sport and outdoor activities. 









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