Tencel or wearing wooden clothes !

Tencel : ecological fabric made with wood !

In our consumer society, we are used to buy all we want and need. But it doesn’t mean that is always healthy. Some fabrics inherit from the production process polluants like herbicide for cotton. 

Austria after 7 years of research, succeeds to produce a fabric totally eco-friendly : the Tencel, created with wood from sustainable forest (no pesticide, only old trees are cutted to respect the natural balance).

Then wood will be reduce to small pièces into wood cellulose and wood pulp. Next step, the process requires to add bio unpolluant solvent and water to finally obtain fabrics. But it costs a lot at the end : 16€/kg.

From many years, vegetal fabrics are developing by enterprises which gain sustainable conscience. But a lot of them try to sell products that are not sustainable : for example, most of the fabrics made by bamboo viscose are not eco-friendly because bamboos used for it do not come from bamboo forests sustainably run. Almost half of bamboos species are for now endangered because of illegal deforestation….




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