East Timor – A Rock in Turquoise Waters


Local name of the countryTimor Lorosa’e


Languages : Tetun, Portuguese, Indonesian, English


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Hiking : Monte Ramlua, Ila du jaco, Ila de atoru, Chrito Rey

Eco Discovery : locally owned and operated tour Company based in Dili, environmentally responsible which aims to protect it, and help educate people on good preservation practices. Jaco Islan, Marobo Hot Springs, Trekking East Timor, Mount Ramelau.


Places to stay :


Gastronomy :


Cultural characteristics :


Some words to learn (Indonesian)

Selamat Pagui / Pagui  – Good morning

Selamat Sian / Sian – Hello at noon

Selamat Soreye / Soreye – Hello after 2pm

Selamat Malam / Malam – Good evening

Nama saya … – My name is …

Do you speak English ?

Yeah – Yes

Tidah – No

Terimah Kasi  – Please

Terimah Kasi bagnak -Thank you so much

Selamat Tidour  – Good night

Satou – One

Dua – Two

Tiga – Three

Pantai – Beach

Pulau – Island

Samudra – Ocean

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