When even dying is bad for environment…


Corpses when they are buried, first, will be treated with chemicals as formol, methanol, glycol and phynol for example, to slow the decomposition process : 10L of these bad liquids so will infiltrate the ground and polluate groundwater. And cemeteries require the use of pesticides et water to maintain the place.

Cremation has a better carbon print even if it needs a lot of energy to transform corpses in ashes, 27L of gas each 1h30 and wooden coffins.

But now, it is possible to be buried in a ecological way : Capsula Mundi, the funerary urn which lets trees grown after you death !

Made by two italian designers (Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel), that concept permits to bury a deceased (corpse in fetal position or ashes) inside an urn biodregradable based on bioplastic, with an egg form.

Then, seeds or a tree will be bury also above the capsule, which will grow thanks to the « egg » and nutrients it contains. It permits to save one tree from destruction and give birth to one of them.
Certainly, people won’t be able to visit tombstones with this burial form but it could be the best way to save forest and to create natural memorial.

But that concept is very innovative and is confronted with the legislation of many countries… Let’s see if it convinces csome itizens !

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